About Mr Gantt

Mr Gantt is the brainchild and alter-ego of world-renowned project management trainer Chris Croft. His mission? To help people deliver fantastic projects with his brilliant new software and top-notch coaching.

Software with in-app coaching

Mr Gantt is a new web application that gives people the knowledge and tools they need to run successful projects. Throughout the process of planning and running your project with Mr Gantt, Chris Croft is on hand, popping up with original video-based training that explains how to do things and why.

The knowledge and tools you need
Running successful projects

Run successful projects

The user-friendly interface guides you through the key steps of running a successful project, and if things go off course, Mr Gantt will pop up with timely advice about how you can rectify things. With inbuilt tracking and reporting tools, you and anyone involved in the project will always know how things are progressing and if it's going to plan.

Running successful projects

Mr Gantt’s Background

Much of Chris Croft's career has focused on teaching people how to run brilliant projects, giving them the knowledge they need to get things done.

Throughout that time, Chris has tried all manner of project management software but has never found something that gives people everything they need, without being super complicated. While he's recommended that people use Excel to create Gantt charts, he's well aware of the limitations and has long wanted to solve the problem with some software of his own - now he has, and it's called Mr Gantt.


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