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Mr Gantt gives you the tools and knowledge you need to plan and deliver fantastic projects - it's Ganttastic!

Anyone can manage projects brilliantly

We all run projects in one way or another, some are small, others big, but regardless of their size, if you want the best chance of delivering them on time and to budget, you'll need two things; some easy-to-use software and a bit of coaching here and there. Mr Gantt gives you both!

Anyone can be a brilliant project manager

Project management software inbuilt coaching

With Mr Gantt, you get the software you need to plan and run your projects and in-app coaching and tutorials from world-renowned project management trainer Chris Croft. This isn’t just another task list app - it’s proper project management software.

Based on over 100 years
 of processes and best practices

Based on over 100 years
of processes and best practices

Mr Gantt is based on project management principles, best practices, and processes developed over the past 100 years. While it's a boiled-down version, it's in line with the thinking of the top subject matter authorities like the Project Management Institute and the Association for Project Managers.

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Simple yet powerful software

Simple yet
powerful software

We've carefully developed Mr Gantt to be both simple and powerful - with all the tools you need but without unnecessary complexity. You'll follow a step-by-step process and create the perfect project plan before getting tons of metrics and reports to monitor progress.

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Active coaching from Mr Gantt

More than just training you in the core principles of project management, Mr Gantt is on hand to help when the going gets tough. If Mr Gantt notices things are heading off course during your project, he'll let you know and give you timely advice on overcoming your setbacks.

How you’ll run projects with Mr Gantt


Define your project

  • Identify features (outputs)
  • Prioritise Time, Cost and Quality
  • Get stakeholder buy-in

Identify tasks and dependencies

  • Identify tasks required
  • Organise into a sequence
  • Find dependencies

Predict durations, identify costs and allocate resources

  • Add predicted durations of tasks
  • Add anticipated costs
  • Assign resources to tasks

Build-in contingency and crash the project

  • Get contingency time and cost recommendations
  • Adjust the contingency as you see fit
  • Review project and crash if needed

Run your project

  • Record your progress
  • Monitor schedule and cost performance
  • Learn how to solve problems as they arise

Mr Gantt’s best features

Mr Gantt has loads of useful features all designed to make your project go off without a hitch.

Time and cost forecasting

Time and cost forecasting

Predict task durations and forecast costs associated with the project.

Gantt charts!

Gantt charts!

Automatic creation of Gantt charts for simple visualisation of your project.

High-quality coaching

High-quality coaching

Video-based coaching from world-renowned project management trainer Chris Croft.

Active intervention

Active intervention

Timely advice from Mr Gantt if your project is going off course.

Contingency planner

Contingency planner

Get help calculating the perfect amount of contingency time and cost to add.

Resource load planner

Resource load planner

See the loading of team members so you can plan workloads accordingly.

Project monitoring

Project monitoring

Track project performance and get updated forecasts based on activity so far.

SPI and CPI monitoring

SPI and CPI monitoring

Get an instant view of your project's CPI and SPI metrics, with Mr Gantt explaining what they are too.

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